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Tachographs are modern devices that allow to control not only over the high-speed mode of the car, but also the route, time of work and rest of the driver. More advanced "remember" models also attempted breaking and entering in the control system.

Among the most popular types of analog and digital modules for decoding tahokart, analyzing data from tachographs and drivers' chip cards can distinguish different versions of the Tachospeed program. The range of possibilities is so vast that you can pick up a product, like a small set of functions, and the professional version.

For example, the analog module TACHOSPEED MINI + 2 A contains a basic set of features that includes:

  • Simplex scanning up to 12 cards per minute;
  • Automatic reading of the working time of the driver and mileage with tahokarty;
  • Archiving and viewing data tahokart drivers and smart cards;
  • Counting the real fuel consumption based on the complete filling of the fuel tank;
  • Reminders about important events;
  • And other features that allow the operator to exercise full control over the actions of a small number of vehicles.


More extensive possibilities of providing software for tachographs TACHOSPEED PRO + 1 A + D + control module. It allows you to control from a single location from 50 to 100 and machines, to create reports on violations of work and rest with an optional module. The program is compatible with all readers.

Yet it should be noted software for tachograph AC931553 T-Store Standard for the minimum needs of the consumer or AC931411 T-Store Workshop, which is intended to solve more complex problems. Both products, though differing greatly in scope and complexity require no special operator training, available in multiple languages ​​and have user-friendly interface.

For professional transport, private carriers, coach operators, but also for freelancers, agencies and so on. Thanks to the built-in card reader driver cards can be read in a minute. Download Tool СВІТАХО is (with the supplied cable) also used for downloading the memory of the tachograph itself. D..
Price: 12,624 грн (з ПДВ)
Tacho5Safe is the 5th generation of driver card and tachograph download device, which stands out in both functionality and capabilities. With Bluetooth connectivity, it can be used with a mobile app to automatically save downloads to your user account in the cloud. It is an ergonomic, easy-to-use de..
Price: 16,045 грн (з ПДВ)
TS Pro is a compact device for downloading data from driver cards and digital tachographs. TS PRO allows you to upload data anywhere through the built-in smart card reader and built-in power system. Data from the driver card can be downloaded in two ways: via a digital tachograph and directly using ..
Price: 12,797 грн (з ПДВ)
DLK Pro Download Key – efficient, simple and user-friendly data handling For fleets, workshops and authorities, the DLK Pro Download Key by VDO is the ideal medium for downloading and archiving mass memory data from digital tachographs and data from driver cards. Digital tachograph data is..
Price: 24,571 грн (з ПДВ)
OPTAC download tool OPTAC download tool
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The OPTAC Download Tool is the most flexible tachograph download tool on the market. Handheld and portable, the unit can download information from a Digital Tachograph or Driver Smartcard. Use anywhere - the depot, home, and away from base. The Download Tool package contains: ..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
The Digifob download tool allows you to easily view the data from the digital tachograph driver card. This can be done both by the driver himself and by the dispatcher. It is designed to meet all driver safety requirements and also helps to comply with EU laws. Specifications: Lithium ba..
Price: 4,423 грн (з ПДВ)
D-Box 2 is a portative tool compatible with all tachographs.This portative device  can download data from both tachographs and driver cards in independent mode by means of its integral reader.D-Box 2 — is a universal solution for fleets, workshops and enforcement agencies. D-Box 2 is ava..
Price: 21,500 грн (з ПДВ)
Software Tachospeed for one computer
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Total solutions for archiving tachograph and workshop card data As Smartach® tachograph manufacturer, Actia® plays a major part in the development of download tools and related software solutions. Actia® offers a complete software range from archiving to data analysis. Actia®..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
Software Tachospeed Control
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Software for reading, archiving of digital tachograph and driver card. This so-called "budget embodiments" - simple and straightforward. Minimal solution that provides compliance with legal requirements on archiving data from digital tachographs and driver cards. Does not re..
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Software Tachospeed for one truck
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 Solution for companies: downloading, data storing and analysis As Smartach® tachograph manufacturer, Actia® plays a major part in the development of download tools and related software solutions. Actia® offers a complete software range from archiving to data analysis. Ac..
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