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For fluids heater Thermo 90 ST 12v, 24v, petrol, diesel

For fluids heater Thermo 90 ST 12v, 24v, petrol, diesel
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For fluids heater Thermo 90 ST 12v, 24v, petrol, diesel
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Universal model with a wide range of continuously variable power is used on all types of commercial vehicles, including those carrying dangerous goods.
Diesel modification has the function of emergency warming: when the ignition key is inserted from the cabin heater included in the first 30 minutes will operate with a power of 9.1 kW.
The newest ceramic technology provides the current consumption at the time of start-up, is 1.5 times less than other heaters of this class and is only slightly larger than during operation. Due to virtually wear-resistant trigger elements increases reliability: a ceramic glow plug is given a guarantee. The heater has a self-diagnostic system. nezpratsovanim
Thermo 90S (T) is also known as one of the least busy in his class.

Installation optimized thanks to the integrated, but the removable control unit is compact (the smallest heater in its class) and an extended range of positions when installing.
The latest modification of the Thermo 90 ST is equipped with sealed connectors, from the control unit, they are protected against incorrect connection and latches, increased accessibility, no intermediate connectors (components are connected directly to the control unit), enhanced diagnostic capabilities, including Self-diagnosis and adjustment. The dimensions of connections to the liquid circuit, the fuel line and air intake are the same, the new control unit can be installed on the heater of the previous model, it still can be set separately from the heater
The heater, the control (Optional) universal mounting kit (includes air pipe collection and exhaust, fuel pump and fuel line, fuel tee collection of regular fuel line, extension of the fuel pump wiring harness, a fastener), documentation.

Manufacturer Germany
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