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Software Tachospeed Control

Software Tachospeed Control
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Software Tachospeed Control
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Software for reading, archiving of digital tachograph and driver card. This so-called "budget embodiments" - simple and straightforward. Minimal solution that provides compliance with legal requirements on archiving data from digital tachographs and driver cards. Does not require license renewal (purchased only once). 

Solution for companies: downloading, storing and data analysis

As Smartach® tachograph manufacturer, Actia® plays a major part in the development of download tools and related software solutions. Actia®
offers a complete software range from archiving to data analysis.

Actia® "Company" solutions are professional and flexible :
- To meet legal archiving requirements for small fleets and owner drivers,
-To carry out detailed analysis of tachograph and smartcard data for larger fleets.

Actia® "Workshop" software are specially designed for workshop technicians with additional functions for archiving workshop card and
calibration data.

Compatible with other download tools on the market, Actia® software is best used with Smartach® D-Box : a universal portable tool to download
legally required data from tachographs & smartcards.  
Easy to use:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to understand icons and images
  • No special training required
  • Multi-lingual

Compatible and complete:

  • T-Store receives data from PC, card reader, mobile phone, D-Box2 or other download tool.
  • T-Store menu includes information about: drivers, vehicles, archive, parameters and summary.

Flexible solution specially designed for companies

T-Store Standard

The easy end economical solution for legally required archiving:

  • Stores data from digital tachographs and driver’s smartcards in the required file format
  • Schedules the download tasks by setting the time period between downloads.
  • A color-code alert shows the status of driver card or vehicles downloads according to their urgency
  • Two dedicated and independent databases for driver and vehicle information for quick check of future downloads.
  • Print a fleet management report showing a list of cards and tachographs to be downloaded, vehicles and tachographs to be checked as well as monthly activity reports for each driver.


Minimum PC configuration

  Windows® 98 ou higher
 64 Mo RAM
 50 Mo free hard drive space
 1 free USB port
 400 Mhz processor
 CD-ROM drive
 800x600 screen resolution

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