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Car heater Webasto AT 2000 ST

Car heater Webasto AT 2000 ST
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Car heater Webasto AT 2000 ST
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AUTOMOTIVE HEATER WEBASTO AT 2000 ST, a device that ensures safe and efficient engine starting. The equipment allows you to quickly start the engine in severe frost, reduces engine wear and saves fuel to warm up the passenger compartment. The device can be used as a fan or a stove for the passenger compartment and not only.


AUTOMOTIVE HEATER WEBASTO AT 2000 ST has many advantages:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Reliable and highly productive
  • Runs quietly and heats up quickly
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact size
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Worldwide service network

Where it is possible to use an autonomous heater

The WEBASTO air heating system is a leader in economical and fast heating of the cab and the interior of vehicles. Depending on the installation, the device can heat the air by recirculating it.

WEBASTO HEATER is an excellent solution for heating the cargo compartment and the passenger compartment in severe frosts. It is also successfully used to heat the cabs of operators of construction, road and loading equipment. The heater plays an important role in urban traffic with frequent forced stops (unloading and loading).

AUTOMOTIVE HEATER WEBASTO AT 2000 ST can easily heat cabins and berths of light and medium trucks, small special equipment, minibuses and camper salons, cabins of small ships. In the summer, heaters can be used as a fan, blowing air through the cab or interior.

In commercial vehicles, the heater ensures the health and productivity of the driver. He will be able to rest quietly with the engine off, that is, without noise and exhaust emissions. Heating the cab before starting the engine ensures driver comfort and driving comfort.

You can buy a prestarting heater at an affordable price in the online store of the Svitaho company. Our catalog contains different models of high-quality equipment for cars and trucks. Experienced specialists will help you choose a heater that will suit your particular vehicle. We guarantee convenient and fast delivery throughout Ukraine.

Manufacturer Germany
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