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Equipment and accessories

By itself tachograph is a usual tool for monitoring. The birth of this device had at the time of the rapid development of road transport. The purpose of it was the inordinate desire of employers to control the rules of the transport vehicles and cargo, namely, the set route and timing of delivery. That is why the first tachographs manufactured by companies that produce watches.

Time makes its own demands and requests a change to the people, and technology. Many drivers in pursuit of higher wages were willing to spend on the road for several days, almost without rest. This situation led to traffic accidents, and often to the loss of human life. The need to increase the safety requirements has led to the fact that a new generation of tachographs and note the time spent by the driver on the road, and speed. Such innovations have become the rule for international cargo and passenger transportation.

To avoid problems with different interpretations of the device indicators in different countries, records data on the smart card to each driver in symbolic form. However, problems may arise from the other side, namely, it may be incorrect configuration and calibration of the device. In order to prevent this, perform diagnostics. It will help in this - equipment for testing tachographs:

  • Tahotester - the main instrument of the test operation of tachographs;
  • Measuring coefficient - for test measurement data over a short section of the route;
  • Readers - to take the readings from the memory device and smart card driver's personnel;
  • Measuring the radius of the drive wheels - for the calculation of the calibration distance traveled;
  • Pliers and punches - for sealing devices and prevent unauthorized opening.


An important role in the correct reading plays and tachograph installation process. When using homemade equipment for the installation of the tachograph - the problem clearly guaranteed. Particularly important when testing the device is the presence of the seals on the test field. To do this, you must have pliers and buy a punch, in some cases - the punch pipe.

By using the UDC-301 TAXI, the driver can be confident in the correct operation of the taximeter and the safety of the vehicle. They are used to receive a speed signal from the vehicle CAN bus. It is used in cases when it is impossible to install a standard speed sensor in the car and there is no sp..
Price: 5,656 грн (з ПДВ)
The "e-TOLL" system is a modern solution developed by the Head of the National Treasury Administration for collecting tolls on toll roads in Poland.The system is based on the technology of determining the location of the user using satellite positioning and virtual gates.The price includes a one-yea..
Price: 6,143 грн (з ПДВ)
The Tacho Timer3 helps you effectively extend your driving time and keep your rest or pause uninterrupted if you need to move the car. It allows you to move in traffic jams or do other, this kind of movement, while adhering to the basic principle: at a given moment there should be more rest th..
Price: 3,809 грн (з ПДВ)
Optimo2 is the latest in tachograph programming technology, designed with the user in mind. Building on the success of the Optimo tachograph programmer, Optimo2 incorporates the same great Software Apps in a new latest technology Dell tablet.  Focusing on speed and ease of use, Optimo2 provides..
Price: 151,523 грн (з ПДВ)
 It is a key element of the equipment set for the workshop. A keystone of the tachograph service. Practical and user-friendly.  Tachograph programmer ТС-1 is a multifunctional testing device of high accuracy which is used for testing tachographs. Tachograph programmer ТС-1 ena..
Price: 65,268 грн (з ПДВ)
Scanner for tahocharts
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Scanner for quick scanning of tacho cards and processing in the Tachospeed program. Scans up to 30 tacho cards per minute. Allows you to get a complete image of a tachocard of high quality, which further saves the operator's time when processing tachocard in the Tachospeed program. In a..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
For use with tachograph programmer TC-1. An additional device to the TS-1 tachotester, the presence of which allows for high-quality and without loss of accuracy to adapt tachographs at a measuring section of 20 meters or more. To use the kit, it is necessary to install reflective stands at th..
Price: 18,429 грн (з ПДВ)
The wheel radius gauge is a necessary equipment for tachograph service points. It is used to quickly and easily measure the effective wheel length. The advantages of this device are excellent quality and durability. The meter consists of a base, a rod with a scale applied to it and a movable bar. W..
Price: 14,446 грн (з ПДВ)
Equipment used in tachograph workshops. Good quality and durability. ..
Price: 9,713 грн (з ПДВ)
Equipment used in tachograph workshops. Good quality and durability. ..
Price: 2,692 грн (з ПДВ)
High quality  insertion made of high-alloy material for making imprints on plastic seals...
Price: 3,071 грн (з ПДВ)
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