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Radio stations

Radio Taxi and truck drivers now occupy the main segment of the ongoing radio communications on SVITAHO for the transport sector. The amount of goods transported in vehicles is constantly increasing. Accordingly, melted, and the importance of logistics. In short, the accuracy and timeliness of delivery has become a priority in terms of the services industry. How to co-ordinate their actions in a way, if the mobile connection is not always available and the price and the terms of coverage of a particular operator. And here the car radio becomes indispensable.

Car radios for taxis - are passenger logistics. Auto radios allow to apply the machine to the entrance in a few minutes. Buy car radio you can online store SVITAHO, who is the leader of wholesale and retail sales in the segment of car radios.

Modern car radios for the truck - it is a powerful means of radio communication with more advanced features. And accordingly - the more expensive price segment, that is to able to keep in touch at a distance of many kilometers.

The ability to vary the prices avtoratsii, making them the choice for power and range, is much more flexible.

If avtoradiosvyaz only affects the economic performance of shipping companies, in terms of emergency radios for cars service MOE, ambulance, police can save lives and health of the person.

One of the areas of the use of radio for cars - communal services. This collar operates around the clock. Their teamwork depends on our comfort in the cities. And just, car radios allow for such coherence.

Today the radio in the car you can buy in the company SVITAHO, which leads sales of radios for truckers, taxi and public utilities in the widest assortment. At the same time, with all SVITAHO ensures high-quality equipment and maintenance support.

Returning to the car radio set for truckers and taxi driver. They help not only to transfer orders, but also allow them to protect life. No one knows that they are vulnerable to crime. The presence of the radio in the car is not only practical, but also a psychological assistant driver.

Check prices for car radio, you can by calling our lines. Professional counselors that are constant trainings and seminars on the radio, there will always be ready to come to your aid. User-friendly interface of our internet-shop SVITAHO and site navigation will help in a matter of seconds to choose any radio specifications and grades.

Radio station Midland G7 Pro Radio station Midland G7 Pro
Sale New
Midland G7 Pro is a walkie-talkie for those who like active recreation. Hiking, airsoft, mountaineering, hunting are just a few examples of the perfect use of this walkie-talkie.Compact and elegant design that always accompanies you in your passions.Among the optional accessories, you can choose a l..
1,999.20 грн. 2,320.50 грн.
The Midland G9 becomes the Pro, a great radio that is suitable for any outdoor use. The G9 Pro has a 30% larger display and 30% improved sound compared to the previous version, a more powerful antenna and dual PTT to select high and low power. A key feature? New PMR446 8 channels.No more congested c..
2,620.38 грн.
Радіостанція MIDLAND CT 590 S Радіостанція MIDLAND CT 590 S
Sale New Hot
CT590 S - це новая дводіапазонна аматорська радіостанція Midland.CT590 S проста у використанні, ідеально підходить для тих, кому потрібен «базовий» пристрій, але в той самий час з росширеним функціоналом.Міцність та надійність конструкції гарантується алюмінієвим шассі. CT590 працює в діапазона..
1,999.88 грн. 2,200.48 грн.
Радіостанція MIDLAND CT 990 ЕВ Радіостанція MIDLAND CT 990 ЕВ
New Hot
CT990 - це УКХ радіостанція з сертифікацією IP67, що дозволяє використовувати її в екстремальних погодних умовах, оскільки вона захищена від пилу і води на глибині до одного метра протягом 30 хвилин. Її великий кольоровий дисплей забезпечує відмінну читаність завдяки рідкокристалічної технологі..
5,630.40 грн.
M88 is a versatile CB radio, suitable for any surface and DINcompartment, with 12/24 V power supply and equipped withprotection against antenna circuit mismatch.With all the accessories included in the package, you can hang it onthe windscreen or place it on the dashboard.M88 turns on automatically ..
4,774.62 грн.
The first multimedia CB launched on the market in 2016, allows hands-free Bluetooth communication (with optional adapter). Full compatibility with traditional Midland accessories and a USB socket to charge any device. Find below the features of the Midland M-10, the first multimedia CB produced by ..
2,640.10 грн.
Even more functions than its predecessor M10. Large LCD screen, knob to change channel (also on the mike), display indicator of the operating band are the three features that make the M-20  odel a really efficient multimedia CB. Like all Midland multimedia CBs, with this product communication i..
3,055.24 грн.
Evolution of the excellent Midland M-ZERO, the new PLUS version adds the FM band. ABS body for practical and light use and with SMD technology for the electronic structure. With its 40 AM/FM channels, this CB is extremely easy to use. M-ZERO PLUS is definitely the best compromise between quality and..
2,078.42 грн.
The portable CB transceiver “par excellence”, ALAN 42 DS, with new electronic components to give a unique audio experience. It is fitted with digital squelch, ANL filters and Noise Blanker that removes all annoying noises caused by sources outside the vehicle. A multistandard transceiver..
4,999.02 грн. 5,460.40 грн.
Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50 Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50
New Under the order Under the order
24 channels, 38 tones, communications up to 8 Km and 12 hours autonomy are just some of the features that make this Midland XT50 walkietalkie a real jewel of free radio-communications. Available also in the practical Adventure version with premium case.FEATURESCommunications up to 8 Km* ..
1,965.88 грн.
The freedom of LPD frequencies and the power of two-way radios are inside Midland XT70, a practical communication system that is simple to use but at the same time performs well beyond the standard of standars two-way radios. You will love XT70 for many reasons.First of all: XT70 has..
2,199.12 грн.
Midland G7 PRO is the radio for those who love outdoor activities. Hiking, airsoft, climbing, hunting are just a few examples of the perfect use of this walkie-talkie. New frequency with 8 PMR446 more channels, IPX2 splashproof certified. A compact and elegant design that always accompanies you in y..
3,819.90 грн.
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