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Speed limiter ELSON

Speed limiter ELSON
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Speed limiter ELSON
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This is the only speed limiter in the world that is able to work perfectly on cars made in the CIS countries (for example, KAMAZ, MAZ, etc.) General characteristics of the "Elson" speed limiter The speed limiter is designed for trucks and buses. The technical characteristics of the complete set of speed limiters meet the European standards e1000007 and e002007.

Features of the Elson speed limiter:

  • the price is the lowest on the Ukrainian market, because directly from the manufacturer
  • universality - Elson speed limiters are suitable for installation on 99% of vehicles
  • power supply - 10 - 30 Volts, without additional filters and converters
  • environmentally friendly and resource-saving
  • helps to reduce fuel consumption, which helps to reduce toxic emissions and saves money on buying gasoline
  • the risk of collision when driving at low speeds is significantly reduced reducing maintenance costs for the engine, tires and brakes
  • easy installation
  • reliable

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