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Used tachographs

Tachographs renovated - after major repairs, tested, warranty 6 months.
Tachograph - a control device that is installed on the vehicle for permanent registration of motion parameters, such as passed way, the speed at which the vehicle is moving, as well as rest time and work of the driver.

Tachograph closely linked to the "European Agreement", which is relevant to the driving crews on international flights. The countries - participants of the AETR are responsible for the implementation of the commitments ensure that the requirements of the AETR in its own territory.

The operation principle is based on processing the electrical signals which come from the pulse encoder path / speed which is on the gearbox. The driver switches the mode of operation of the device, the settings are automatically recorded on a personal diagrammatic disk. What does the presence of this device: reduction of accidents on the roads, he develops the skills of safe and economical driving for drivers, helping to eliminate conflicts between drivers and inspectors.

In "SviTaho" tachographs you can buy b / y, completely restored, renovated, and have a proven guarantee of six months. Besides you can get very easy to use digital tachographs with Russian menus, which are usually one minute. Just to its customers, we offer the reader of the digital tachograph, which can be purchased in a set.

Tachograph EGK-100, 24V, 125km/h, 2500rev/min, old unit
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Analogue tachograph EGK-100, 24V, 125km/hRestored - after a major overhaul, tested.Number of drivers - 2Tachograph type - AnalogSpeed range - 125 km/hVoltage - 24 VBrands - VOLVOTurnover - 2500.00..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
Tachograph EGK-100, 24V, 125km/h, 2800rev/min, old unit
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Tachograph EGK-100, 24V, 125km/h, 2800rev/minRegenerated tachograph after general maintanence, tested. Number of drivers - 2Tachograph type - AnalogSpeed range - 125 km/hVoltage - 24 VBrands - VOLVOTurnover - 2800.00Six months warranty...
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
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