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Software Tachospeed for one truck

Software Tachospeed for one truck
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Software Tachospeed for one truck
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 Solution for companies: downloading, data storing and analysis

As Smartach® tachograph manufacturer, Actia® plays a major part in the development of download tools and related software solutions. Actia® offers a complete software range from archiving to data analysis.

Actia® "Company" solutions are professional and flexible :
- To meet legal archiving requirements for small fleets and owner drivers,
- To carry out detailed analysis of tachograph and smartcard data for larger fleets. 

Compatible with other download tools on the market, Actia® software is best used with Smartach® D-Box : a universal portable tool to download
legally required data from tachographs & smartcards.
  Easy to use

  •  User friendly
  •  Easy to understand icons and images
  •  No training required
  •  Multi-lingual

Compatible & complete

  •  T-store reads data from PC, card reader, mobile phone, D-Box or other download tool.
  •  T-store operating menus are organised by : drivers, vehicles, archive files, download and printout.

A flexible solution tailored to the company’s needs:

  • "Expert" version : more detailed driver and vehicle data overview for analysis

T-store for companies

"Expert" version:

An added set of functions for analysing and processing data 

  • .An added set of functions for analysing and processing data
  • "Standard" version functions (archiving, planning and reports) included.
  • Graphical display of tachograph data : driver activities, anomalies and events, list of roadside checks, speed details, technical data, list of card insertions/withdrawals.    Graphical display of driver card data : driver activities by month, week or day.
  • Print a summary of vehicle use and infringements.


Minimum PC configuration
Windows®98 or higher
64 Mb RAM
50 Mb free hard drive space
1 free USB port
400 Mhz processor
CD-ROM drive

















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