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Radio stations and accessories

The antenna is fixed (recessed) with adjustment by induction rings. Features: Operating frequencies - 26-28 MHz Wave resistance - 50 Ohms Length - 680 mm Weight - 210 g Material - stainless steel with a covering SWR - <1.2: 1 Mounting hole - 12.5 mm Cable length - 4 m. The ..
Price: 1,484 грн (з ПДВ)
CB radio antenna for trucks and cars. Features: Operating Frequency: 25-30 MHz Number of channels: 200 Maximum applicable power: 300W ROS min: < 1.2 Imepedance (Ohm): 50 Weight (g): 390 Style material: Steel Antenna connection type: DV Hole diametre (mm): 12,5 Lead (m): 4..
Price: 1,679 грн (з ПДВ)
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Антена ALBRECHT GL-27 призначена для монтажу на техніку з пластиковими кабінами, агротехніку, кемпери, джипи тощо. Антена не потребує з'єднання з "масою" кузова та додаткових налаштувань. Висота: 114 смТехнічні характеристики:Робоча частота: 26-28 МГцТип 1/4 λКількість каналів: 120Поляриза..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
KW520 is a professional two-band device for measuring the power of radio stations and KX antennas of 1.8-200 MHz and 140-525 MHz with a wave resistance of 50 Ohms. Power measurement 5-20-200-400 W.Complete set:KW 520 device - 1 pcCable for panel illumination - 1 pcCharacteristics:Power measurement t..
Price: 5,836 грн (з ПДВ)
A convenient holder for the tangent, which is attached to the grille of the air blower of the car.Rotary mechanism with locking.Material: strong plastic.Color: black..
Price: 307 грн (з ПДВ)
Alan 48 Pro is conceived for multiband frequencies and designed for long journeys and routes in Europe: Alan 48 Pro has in fact a power output (1W / 4W) that can be changed according to country regulations. Defined by its timeless design, Alan 48 Pro unveils the core features of its functioning: sca..
Price: 4,600 грн (з ПДВ)
The CT590 S is Midland's new two-band amateur radio.The CT590 S is easy to use, ideal for those who need a "basic" device, but at the same time with advanced functionality.The strength and reliability of the design is guaranteed by the aluminum chassis. The CT590 operates in the VHF 136-174 MHz and ..
Price: 2,554 грн (з ПДВ)
The CT990 is an IP67-rated VHF radio, which allows it to be used in extreme weather conditions as it is protected from dust and water up to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Its large color display provides excellent readability thanks to TFT liquid crystal technology.The EB version is equipped w..
Price: 6,071 грн (з ПДВ) 6,717 грн (з ПДВ)
Midland G7 Pro is a walkie-talkie for those who like active recreation. Hiking, airsoft, mountaineering, hunting are just a few examples of the perfect use of this walkie-talkie.Compact and elegant design that always accompanies you in your passions.Among the optional accessories, you can choose a l..
Price: 2,662 грн (з ПДВ)
The Midland G9 becomes the Pro, a great radio that is suitable for any outdoor use. The G9 Pro has a 30% larger display and 30% improved sound compared to the previous version, a more powerful antenna and dual PTT to select high and low power. A key feature? New PMR446 8 channels.No more congested c..
Price: 2,958 грн (з ПДВ)
M88 is a versatile CB radio, suitable for any surface and DINcompartment, with 12/24 V power supply and equipped withprotection against antenna circuit mismatch.With all the accessories included in the package, you can hang it onthe windscreen or place it on the dashboard.M88 turns on automatically ..
Price: 6,255 грн (з ПДВ)
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