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Radio stations and accessories

The antenna is fixed (recessed) with adjustment by induction rings.Features:Operating frequencies - 26-28 MHz Wave resistance - 50 Ohms Length - 680 mm Weight - 210 g Material - stainless steel with a covering SWR - <1.2: 1 Mounting hole - 12.5 mm Cable length - 4 m. The ..
1,292.00 грн.
CB radio antenna for trucks and cars.Features:Operating Frequency: 25-30 MHz Number of channels: 200 Maximum applicable power: 300W ROS min: < 1.2 Imepedance (Ohm): 50 Weight (g): 390 Style material: Steel Antenna connection type: DV Hole diametre (mm): 12,5 Lead (m): 4..
1,123.46 грн.
M88 is a versatile CB radio, suitable for any surface and DINcompartment, with 12/24 V power supply and equipped withprotection against antenna circuit mismatch.With all the accessories included in the package, you can hang it onthe windscreen or place it on the dashboard.M88 turns on automatically ..
4,774.62 грн.
Midland BM-MP - універсальна магнітна основа для кріплення антен.Характеристики:- Діаметр магніта - 117 мм- Кабель RG-58 - 4.6 м- Кріплення - DV 27Сумісність - антени Midland, Sirio, Lemm...
758.88 грн.
CB radio antenna for trucks and cars. FeaturesOperating Frequency: 26-28 MHz Maximum applicable power: 200W ROS min: < 1.2 Lenght: 90 cm Imepedance (Ohm): 50 Weight (g): 160 Style material: Steel Antenna connection type: DV Hole diametre (mm): 10..
1,207.68 грн.
Midland Lux is the genesis of a new line of CB antennas, designed to make the installation of the best "CB radio" on vehicles. The antenna base is fitted with a waveguide that glows when it is crossed by radio frequency. It automatically illuminates when the radio is transmitting, thus sig..
1,891.76 грн.
The first multimedia CB launched on the market in 2016, allows hands-free Bluetooth communication (with optional adapter). Full compatibility with traditional Midland accessories and a USB socket to charge any device. Find below the features of the Midland M-10, the first multimedia CB produced by ..
2,640.10 грн.
Even more functions than its predecessor M10. Large LCD screen, knob to change channel (also on the mike), display indicator of the operating band are the three features that make the M-20  odel a really efficient multimedia CB. Like all Midland multimedia CBs, with this product communication i..
3,055.24 грн.
Evolution of the excellent Midland M-ZERO, the new PLUS version adds the FM band. ABS body for practical and light use and with SMD technology for the electronic structure. With its 40 AM/FM channels, this CB is extremely easy to use. M-ZERO PLUS is definitely the best compromise between quality and..
2,078.42 грн.
The portable CB transceiver “par excellence”, ALAN 42 DS, with new electronic components to give a unique audio experience. It is fitted with digital squelch, ANL filters and Noise Blanker that removes all annoying noises caused by sources outside the vehicle. A multistandard transceiver..
4,999.02 грн. 5,460.40 грн.
Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50 Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50
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24 channels, 38 tones, communications up to 8 Km and 12 hours autonomy are just some of the features that make this Midland XT50 walkietalkie a real jewel of free radio-communications. Available also in the practical Adventure version with premium case.FEATURESCommunications up to 8 Km* ..
1,965.88 грн.
The freedom of LPD frequencies and the power of two-way radios are inside Midland XT70, a practical communication system that is simple to use but at the same time performs well beyond the standard of standars two-way radios. You will love XT70 for many reasons.First of all: XT70 has..
2,199.12 грн.
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