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Speed limiters

Speeding is one of the main factors that affect the extent and severity of accidents. Such devices as speed limiters avoid unnecessary speeding and keep it within acceptable limits. So you not only save your life but also the health of other participants in road traffic. Properly selected speed limiters will ensure safe driving, and significantly improve the efficiency of traffic on the road.

speed limiters for cars

Devices such as speed limiters must be installed on the truck, which carry dangerous goods in weight from 3.5 tonnes. Restriction should be between 90 km / h. transporting dangerous goods are not permitted by law without this device.

Also, speed limiters buy stands for buses to transport children. Restriction should be between 60 km / h, for the safety of passengers.

What are these speed limiters? This is a special mechanism that allows to overclock your vehicle a great position limited speed. Nowadays, you can find three types of speed limiters:

Digital. Marked with the letters DS. We use HTL, TTL signals;

Electronic. Marking ES. Supervise a constant speed through a special relay, stopping acceleration of transport.

Mechanical. Marking FS. They act as a limiter of centrifugal forces and are used in drive technology.

To understand what your load limiter, and you exceed the speed limit, you will be signaled. Depending on the type of delimiter signal can be different or there may be several. For a start signal will sound for your alarm. Next, the computer will automatically reduce the supply of fuel. Therefore, your power will fall sharply and the rate will start to fall. In any case, even if you do not hear the sound stop signal, the feelings you will see that it worked, because when you will again put pressure on the gas pedal, the car will not go faster.

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Speed limiter Autokontrol System 80
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An electronic control unit (ECU) in the driver's cab receives a speed signal from an electronic tachograph / speedometer or from a manual transmission sensor, depending on the vehicle. The ECU monitors this speed signal until the vehicle reaches the calibrated speed. The ECU sends a signal to..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
Speed limiter ELSON
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This is the only speed limiter in the world that is able to work perfectly on cars made in the CIS countries (for example, KAMAZ, MAZ, etc.) General characteristics of the "Elson" speed limiter The speed limiter is designed for trucks and buses. The technical characteristics of the complet..
Price: 0 грн (з ПДВ)
Autograde Safe Drive speed limiter Safe Drive - a modern speed limiter, which is the only solution for cars with an electronic accelerator pedal. does not interfere with the operation of vehicle systems due to the lack of actuators with moving parts. The device monitors and, if necessary, corrects..
Price: 20,680 грн (з ПДВ)
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