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Motohour meters

Any technique is subject to services, and to determine the interval between the passages of the service or to calculate how long the motor working machinery rent using hour meter. Hour meter is a tachometer, which determines the time from starting the engine to disable it. Any car, agricultural machinery, machine tool, any device using the engine must be equipped with an hour meter. Previously we used mechanical designs, but now they are replaced by electronic meters hours.

If you need to buy a hour meter, the company "Svіtaho" in Rivne region, Ukraine offers a wide range of operating hours counters, tachographs and tachometers, consumables and spare parts, as well as offering services for the sale of control of measuring equipment. In addition, you can go through short courses, seminars, where you will get all the necessary knowledge about the use of such equipment in the work and the principles of its action. "Svіtaho" is the official dealer of the leader in the production of measuring devices for motorized equipment Stoneridge Electronics and thereby trying to increase the level of service in Ukraine.

Hour meter is a high-precision instrument. Subject to the temperature it can operate 10 years or more and protect the internal memory, all data on the engine operation time. The LCD monitor engine hours LE8N placed 8 digits, indicating that his long time recording - up to 999,999 hours, that is, provided that you do not reset the value in the display, then theoretically it can take into account more than one hundred years of operation of the engine. If you are interested in the service meter, the price for it corresponds to the quality and readily available.

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Electronical, front panel black, LCD display with operating indication, digit height 5mm, without illumination The LE8N hour meter is used to count the operating time of different types of machines, cars, machine tools, etc. The counter takes into account the time since its installation, whi..
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