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How long does it take to make a chip card?
- 20 working days + delivery by regular mail or to the address of registration or to the main post office upon request.

What does it take to make a chip?
- Complete the questionnaire. We attach a copy of the Ukrainian passport, identification code, driver's license, 2 photos measuring 3.5x4.5 to the application form.

What to do if the chip card is lost?
- We submit an announcement in the newspaper with the following content: "The lost driver's card No. ...... .., valid until (date), in the name of (full name) shall be considered invalid. A copy of the newspaper with the announcement, the completed questionnaire and copies of documents re I am sending for the production of a chip card.

For what period is the chip card issued?
- The chip card is issued for 5 years.

For what period is a chip card issued if the previous one was lost?
- A new card is issued for the period before the lost card expires.

Where can I see if the card is ready?
- You can track the readiness of the card on the website

Where to find the pin code for the chip card?
- The driver card does not have a pin code. You can use it as soon as you receive it.

Need to read a chip?
- Yes. The driver card must be read every 28 days.

Do you need to store the information read from the chip card?
- Yes. According to Order No. 385 dated 24.06.2010 "On approval of the Instructions for the use of control devices (tachographs) in road transport" the carrier is obliged to keep tachograph cards or, in the case of a digital tachograph, data from a chip card for a year.

How much information is stored on a chip card?
- Everything depends on the intensity of the driver's work, but at least one and a half years.

Can the inspector see that the driver is driving on someone else's card?
- Yes, on the printout from the driver's card there is information about the card owner - surname, first name, card number and until what date it is valid.

Are errors canceled after reading the card?
- No. All errors are stored on the driver's card for at least one year.

How often should the tachograph be read?
- Tachograph data must be read every 90 days.

Are errors such as driving without a card canceled after calibration?
- No. The information that the car was driven without a driver's card is stored in the tachograph memory for at least a year.

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