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Quality EC approved standard tachograph charts. 100 charts per box catering for up to three vehicle changes on reverse, and hand-written entries to be made when necessary. Suitable for vehicles with a speed rating of 125km/h. (The speed rating can be checked from the speedometer part of the tach..
144.16 грн.
Tachocharts EKO is a new brand in Ukraine, but it has already proved itself well in Europe. Tachocharts EKO are of good quality (paper, application of hologram, symbols, scales and clock speed chart ) for little money!..
98.60 грн.
Midland Lux is the genesis of a new line of CB antennas, designed to make the installation of the best "CB radio" on vehicles. The antenna base is fitted with a waveguide that glows when it is crossed by radio frequency. It automatically illuminates when the radio is transmitting, thus sig..
1,891.76 грн.
Main advantages of the tachograph 2400 series: - the most versatilе in comparison to other tachographs. This tachograph can be practically installed into any vehicle. It's easy to mount the tachograph into the instrument cluster or to install separately , the tachograph is fully com..
11,825.20 грн. 13,770.00 грн.
For professional transport, private carriers, coach operators, but also for freelancers, agencies and so on. Thanks to the built-in card reader driver cards can be read in a minute.Download Tool СВІТАХО is (with the supplied cable) also used for downloading the memory of the tachograph itself. D..
7,999.86 грн.
Digital paper rolls EKO are compatible with all brands of digital tachographs. Compaining with very severe requirements set by European authorities, the universal paper rolls EKO are approved and certified in all countries. We offer digital paper rolls EKO at a very competitive price.Digital pap..
93.64 грн.
Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50 Walkie-talkie MIDLAND XT50
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24 channels, 38 tones, communications up to 8 Km and 12 hours autonomy are just some of the features that make this Midland XT50 walkietalkie a real jewel of free radio-communications. Available also in the practical Adventure version with premium case.FEATURESCommunications up to 8 Km* ..
1,965.88 грн.
The freedom of LPD frequencies and the power of two-way radios are inside Midland XT70, a practical communication system that is simple to use but at the same time performs well beyond the standard of standars two-way radios. You will love XT70 for many reasons.First of all: XT70 has..
2,199.12 грн.
SET: M-10 RADIO STATION + MINI MOBILE ANTENNA + SHAFT! ! !SPECIFICATIONSAre commonChannels (see Frequency Range Table)Frequency range * 26.565-27.99125 MHzDuty Cycle (% at 1:00) TX 5% - RX 5% - Pending 90%PLL frequency monitoringOperating temperature range -10 ° / + 55 ° CDC input voltage 12.6V DC ±..
4,237.76 грн.
The new WA-CB can be connected to all Midland vehicular transceivers with 2 Pin plug able to power the adapter. Once you have connected the WA-CB to your transceiver, you can choose the Bluetooth earphone/mike upon your needs. The Bluetooth earphones WA21 /WA31 / WA29 / WAMIKE are all supplied with..
985.66 грн.
The WA-31 Bluetooth headset is designed for wireless connection to a radio station via the WA-CB Adapter. Convenient communication in Hands Free mode. Compatible with Midland Mini USB, M-10, M-20 radiosEquipment:headset - 1 pc. USB charger cable - 1 pc...
985.66 грн.
Quality tachocharts as good as original tachocharts manufactured by Actia, Kienzle, Veeder Root. They can be used with many tachographs (they have got the biggest list of reference marks).Quality EC approved standard tachograph charts. 100 charts per box catering for up to three vehicle cha..
164.90 грн.
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