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Tahotester analog-to-digital MKІІ

Tahotester analog-to-digital MKІІ
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Tahotester analog-to-digital MKІІ
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  • The main device at the tachograph service point.
  • Reliable to use.
  • Works with all analog and digital tachographs.
  • This programmer can be used with all types of electronic tachographs available, namely Stoneridge VR1400 / 8300/8400/2400 / SE5000, Kienzle 1314/1318/1319/1324 / DTCO, MotoMeter EGK-100 and Actia Smartach.

The main functions of the tachotester:

  • Determines the characteristic coefficient (W-coefficient) of the vehicle using a roller stand or one of two fixed distance methods;
  • Performs complex testing of tachographs in semi-automatic mode;
  • Defines the K-factor for tachograph calibration;
  • Calculates DIL switch parameters for any valid K-factor;
  • Can be used as a tachograph speed simulator;
  • Determines the number of pulses per revolution of the vehicle engine;
  • Allows to read, check and reprogram tachograph parameters (Note: only for tachographs made by Stoneridge VR8400 / 2400 / SE5000, Kienzle 1319/1324 / DTCO, Motometer EGK100 and Actia Smartach);
  • Performs a self-test mode;
  • Allows you to restore default parameters;
  • Checks the accuracy of the tachograph clock;
  • Analyzes the fault codes of tachographs manufactured by Stoneridge VR2400 / SE5000, Kienzle 1324 / DTCO and Actia Smartach (see Appendix B for a complete list of fault codes);
  • Equipped with internal diagnostic routines to verify that the programmer is working properly.

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