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Tachograph VR8400, 24V, 125km/h, 2 drivers, old unit

Tachograph VR8400, 24V, 125km/h, 2 drivers, old unit
Tachograph VR8400, 24V, 125km/h, 2 drivers, old unit
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Analogue tachograph VR8400, 24V, 125km/h


Restored - after a major overhaul, tested.

Shape - Round

Speed range - 125 km/h

Voltage - 24 V

Brands - MAN, MAZ, MERCEDES, KamAZ, PAZ, RENAULT, Ural, SCANIA, Etalon, VOLVO, Ikarus, OPEL, LAZ, DAF, Setra, Bova, IVECO, Kraz


The 8400 Series Electronic Tachograph is the most reliable tachograph of all time.

This tachograph is based on a microprocessor and uses high-quality electronic components. When used correctly, this combination of components ensures high efficiency and reliability of the tachograph. The device is designed in accordance with EU legislation (km/h measurement system).

Essentially, a tachograph is a recording speedometer combined with a clock. The clock not only indicates the time, but also serves as a tool for the correct orientation of each installed diagram disk.

The distance traveled is recorded on a seven-digit odometer with an accuracy of 0.1 km. The driver must use the operating mode switch knob “1”, and his partner (in the case of working in a crew), respectively, the knob “2”.

Above the handles for switching driver operating modes there are three symbols indicating the modes: work, readiness, break or rest. Setting the required mode occurs by turning the operating mode selection knob.

Electronic-mechanical tachographs Stoneridge 8400 are designed like a round speedometer, and are installed in place of the speedometer. Tachographs of the 8400 series are available in various designs: 12 or 24 volts, 125 km/h, 140 km/h and 180 km/h, 1 or 2 drivers, four versions of the pen to record revolutions and available events.

The Electronic Tachograph 8400 series is installed on cars of such well-known manufacturers as: Scania, Mercedes, Man, Vovlo, Renault, DAF and others.

Type of tachograph Analogue
Voltage 24 V
Speed range 125 km/h
State Рreviously used

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