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Tachograph programmer TC-1

Tachograph programmer TC-1
Tachograph programmer TC-1
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 It is a key element of the equipment set for the workshop. A keystone of the tachograph service. Practical and user-friendly. 

Tachograph programmer ТС-1 is a multifunctional testing device of high accuracy which is used for testing tachographs. Tachograph programmer ТС-1 enables to test all types of tachographs including digital tachographs.

 Gereral discription

Tachograph programmer ТС1 tests accurately tachograph parameters during manufacturing, testing, operation and service. ТС1 can change «W»-factor of the vehicle. The Tachograph programmer can be used as a fixed instrument or a portable device (test-computer). 


Main advantages:
Easy to use (user-friendly Russian menu) and at the same time it has all necessary functions; ТС-1 works with all modern tachographs available on the market: ACTIA 028, АСТІА SMARTACH, ACTIA FLEXTACH KIENZLE 1318, 1319, 1324, 1381; Veder Root 8300, 8400, 2400, SE5000; EGK-100( VOLVO FH12 ). Good balance: functionality (quality) / value. These tachotesters showed themselves to good advantage in diffrent agencies, companies and workshops.



Tachograph programmer TC-1 is housed in a black plastic casing and equipped with a keyboard, LCD 4*16 signs alphanumerical screen, 25-pin drawer-type socket and “mini DIN” socket of a magnetic time deflactions measurement probe. The keyboard consists of a numerical part and extra buttons: “START”„STOP”, “P”, “N”, “C” -button is used to turn the instrument on and off. On the rear side of the instrument one can find a container for 4 NiMH battery type RG 1,2V/1000mAh. In order to reduce the battery power consumption a special time monitoring system is installed in the instrument. 60s. after the last pressing of any key the enlightening is turned off. If the instrument is not performing any important function – i.e. if the user has not chosen any option from the functions list – after next 240sec the time-system turns the whole instrument off.  This mode doesn't work when  power supply comes from an external source. Note: recommended current supply from the external source is 12V!


Quartz Base:                                                                                      15,360 Mhz

Frequency stability:                                                                             ± 5 ppm

Electronic tachograph „k”- constant measurement range:                     400...65535 imp/km

Tachotester „St”- range:                                                                     400...65535 imp/km

„Sn” constant range:                                                                           500...2000 obr/km

Linear speed measurement range

using the in-built impulse generator:                                                     0,1...250,0 km/h 

Motive unit linear speed measurement range

in the full range of “Sn”- constant settings:                                            0,9...250,0 km/h

Distance measurement range:                                                  0,001...9999,999 km

Impulse count measurement range:                                                      1...99999999 imp

Rotation count measurement range:                                                     1...99999999 obr

Vehicle-specific „w”- factor determination range:                                 50,0...65535,0 rev/km or 50...65535 imp/km

Impulse counter measurement range:                                       1...9999999 imp

Rotation counter measurement range:                                      0,1...9999,9obr (0,01...9999,99obr)

   Road base distance range

to vehicle-specific „w”-factor determination:                            1,000...9999,99 m

Vehicle speed measurement range:                                                      0,1...180,0 km/h

Chronocomparator measurement range:                                              -999,9...+999,9 s/d

Time measurement range:                                                                    0,01...9999,99 s

Simulator sprocket cogs number:                                                        8

Tachograph power supply voltage (from a motive unit):                       12V lub 24V

Max. current load                                                                               1,5A

Operating temperature range:                                                              -5...+50oC

Dimensions:                                                                                        200 x 100 x 40 mm

Weight:                                                                                               0,43 kg

1000mAh NiCd battery working time:                                                 8h


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