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Speedometer PA 8090

Speedometer PA 8090
Speedometer PA 8090
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Speedometer round 140 mm 12/24 V 125km adjustable odometer night design works on hall and inductive sensor.

Electronic speedometer PA8090 (hereinafter referred to as the device) is designed to convert the speed of the drive shaft of the speedometer sensor (or drive gear) into an indication of the speed and the number of revolutions of the drive shaft of the speedometer sensor into the reading of the vehicle distance meter.

  • installed on the vehicle and powered by its on-board network.
  • equipped with a display with user-switchable display of daily mileage, current time and maximum speed setpoint.
  • has a light signaling of exceeding the set speed. The technical characteristics of the device comply with TU RB 300125187.208-2004.

The speedometer works in conjunction with a PD8089 pulse sensor TU RB 300125187.207-2004 or similar according to the current regulatory documentation, which converts the rotational speed of its drive shaft into unipolar rectangular pulses, which are the input signal of the device.
The gear ratio of the speedometer mechanism to the drive shaft is 624: 1. for use in different vehicle modifications, the device has the ability to pre-install a programmable calibration factor by the consumer, the device is switched to the technological mode.

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