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Radio station M10

The first multimedia CB launched on the market in 2016, allows hands-free Bluetooth communication (with optional adapter). Full compatibility with traditional Midland accessories and a USB socket to charge any device.
Find below the features of the Midland M-10, the first multimedia CB produced by the people who have made CB history, Midland.


  • Band: Multi (see page 54)
  • LCD display, White Bright LightTM
  • White Bright LightTM backlight
  • AM/FM switch
  • Automatic digital squelch
  • Selectable audio: internal, from earphones, both
  • ANL: automatic noise limiter
  • Noise Blanker System
  • Emergency channel 9-19
  • USB socket for smartphone and tablet recharging
  • 2 pin socket for accessories
  • External loudspeaker socket
  • 4 pin microphone connector
Power4 W
Водій 23/02/2021

Поставили на світахо за 40 хвилин разом з антеною. Приймаю кілометрів на 20, гарно чути, Зручно юсб роз'єм, включаю навігатор. Хлопці привітні. Все пояснили як має бути

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