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Liquid heater Thermo Top EVO 5kw 12v petrol, diesel

Liquid heater Thermo Top EVO 5kw 12v petrol, diesel
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Liquid heater Thermo Top EVO 5kw 12v petrol, diesel
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Efficient use of fuel and save the engine. Small and well-known water heater Thermo Top C preheats the cab and the engine to optimal starting temperatures. Thus significantly reduces the load on the engine through the "cold" start-ups, and significantly increases the longevity and operational readiness of the engine. Furthermore, due to the use of an independent interior heater preserved environment by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during idling.
 Webasto supplies as the main model for the market latest series heater Thermo Top Evo. It implements the basic requirements of the modern automotive industry: the most compact and cost-effectiveness (reliability, security and compliance with the "default" environmental standards are assumed). Thermo Top Evo is about 15% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous generation models. The power stayed the same and the heating process is further accelerated by optimizing combustion, without increasing fuel consumption. Comes adapted modification Thermo Top Evo, with a special installation kit and a modified algorithm undervoltage shutdown. Evo series has retained all the advantages of the design of the heaters Thermo Top - ceramic glow plug, which provides a minimum load on the battery, and high reliability, and a burner with a ceramic-metal gasket with a distinct resistance to overheating and wear. The high intensity warm heat exchanger is provided with a new generation of high efficiency and control system of pumping fluid. Thermo Top heaters are also known as the least noisy in its class. In the climatic conditions of our country's best choice for the majority of cars and vans truck cabins, - Thermo Top Evo 5 heating capacity of 5 kW. He replaced the popular model of Thermo Top C (design and appearance are similar to Thermo Top E); maintenance and supply of spare parts for Thermo Top C service network "Webasto", of course, continue.

Manufacturer Germany
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