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Liquid DBW 230 heater for buses

Liquid DBW 230 heater for buses
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Liquid DBW 230 heater for buses
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The Spheros DBW 230 Bus Liquid Heater is installed in buses all over the world. This is strong evidence of reliability and competence. Since these heaters are compact, they can be installed even in buses with a low floor level. The control unit automatically performs control, which, depending on the temperature, switches it to the required mode.

Spheros produces four liquid heaters: Liquid heater for buses DBW 230, DBW 160, DBW 300 and DBW 350. The DBW series is a heater that runs on liquid fuel independently of the vehicle engine. A coolant is used as a heat carrier.

Heaters of this series are designed:

  • For heating the cab or passenger compartment of vehicles
  • For heating and keeping the vehicle engine warm

Since the cold in the cabin is bad for the health of the driver and passengers, these heaters will be an excellent solution. This is especially true for buses operating on long-haul flights.

Liquid heater for buses DBW 230. Main advantages

The liquid heater for buses DBW 230 has many advantages:

  • Compact size, equipped with multiple safety and security systems
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low consumption of fuel
  • Has a long service life
  • Reliable manufacturer. The company is located in Germany
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low level of harmful emissions. Refers to the category of environmentally friendly heaters

The liquid circuit is connected to the engine cooling system, and the heater itself is connected to the fuel system and the vehicle electrical system. It can also be operated with fuel from a separate tank. The heaters of this series may only be operated with the diesel fuel and power supply indicated on the nameplate.

The most popular and demanded models are presented in the catalog of the Svitaho company. You can get qualified advice about the liquid heater for DBW 230 buses from our employees. We guarantee timely and fast delivery throughout Ukraine with a set of technical documentation and a warranty card.

Manufacturer Germany
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