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For fluids heater Thermo Top EVO 4kw 12V petrol, diesel

For fluids heater Thermo Top EVO 4kw 12V petrol, diesel
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For fluids heater Thermo Top EVO 4kw 12V petrol, diesel
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Preheater Webasto Thermo Top series provide a hassle-free starting of the engine, the heated cabin, free of ice and snow glasses before the start of the trip. For every passenger car in the most severe frost!

Webasto Thermo Top heaters are designed for use on vehicles with engine capacity, as a rule, not more than 4 liters - cars, light trucks and vans. With the help of the heater can significantly improve the safety, comfort, economy, durability and ecological purity of the car, because even before the start of the trip:

the engine is warm and easy to make - and this not only saves time and energy, but also allows you to significantly reduce fuel consumption, the overall load on the battery, engine wear and the amount of harmful emissions;

in the cabin heat, which increases driving comfort, improves response and enables easy fasten strap (do not need to sit in a car in bulky outerwear);

windows are free of ice and snow, no mist, does not freeze "wipers", which provides a good overview from the very beginning of the trip.

For small cars and the compact class (with a small cabin and engine capacity to 1.9 liters), a temperate climate and warm motor tasks exclusively (including often in cold regions) suitable "budget" heater Thermo Top E the heating capacity of 4 kW.

Manufacturer Germany
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