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Fluid heater for 350 buses DBW

Fluid heater for 350 buses DBW
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Fluid heater for 350 buses DBW
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Liquid heater for buses DBW 350, DBW 160, DBW 230, DBW 300 in combination with the standard vehicle heating system are used for:

  • Heating the interior of cars, buses, boats, construction and specialized equipment
  • Preheating the engine water cooling, defrosting glass
  • Heating water and units that need a special thermal regime

The liquid heater operates independently of the vehicle engine and is connected to the engine cooling system, fuel supply system and electrical system. The heater works in intermittent mode and is controlled by a temperature sensor.

The company "Svitaho" offers to purchase a reliable and easy-to-maintain liquid heater for buses DBW 350 from the German company "Spheros" at a bargain price. The operation of the heater of this series does not depend on the operation of the vehicle engine. It is equipped with a special fuel supply system. The automatic control unit fully controls the operation of the device. The system operates in three modes: full load, partial and pause.

Liquid heater for buses DBW 350. The main advantages of the device

The main advantages of a liquid heater for buses DBW 350 are:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Has several protection and safety systems
  • Silent in operation
  • Low consumption of fuel
  • Has a long service life
  • Reliable and proven manufacturer

All buses of large and middle class are equipped with autonomous heaters upon release. But in specialized transport, where heat is quickly lost during loading and unloading or frequent stops, an additional source of heating is needed. This is especially important for long-distance regular buses. Warmth in the cabin has a positive effect on driver productivity.

The online store "Svitaho" is ready to offer its customers a quick solution to problems. It is possible to get qualified advice from us, as well as to order a high-quality liquid heater for buses DBW 350. The equipment of the "Spheros" company is the world's leading in terms of reliability, characteristics and lasts a long time.

We can arrange fast and reliable delivery throughout Ukraine!

Manufacturer Germany
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