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For use with tachograph programmer TC-1.

An additional device to the TS-1 tachotester, the presence of which allows for high-quality and without loss of accuracy to adapt tachographs at a measuring section of 20 meters or more.

To use the kit, it is necessary to install reflective stands at the beginning and end of the measurement section.

The device is connected through the feedthrough connector to the main connector of the tachotester. The tachometer-tachograph connection cable is connected to the loop-through connector.

The photo sensor of the kit is installed outside the car on the cab. It must be installed with a magnetic base on metal parts or on non-metal parts through a special suction cup.

The measurement of the "W" coefficient is carried out as usual, with the only difference that the switching on and off of the counting is performed not by the master manually, but automatically by the photosensor.

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