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Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit

Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit
Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit
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Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit
Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit
Digital tachograph VDO1381, 12V, old unit
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The heart of the broad VDO portfolio is the DTCO 1381 digital tachograph. It was developed by VDO according to the standards set by the European Union (EU) and meets all the demands made on driving time and rest period recording within the EU.

The latest DTCO generation 2.0, like the previous DTCO 1.4, implements the “1-minute rule”. The electronics are programmed so that the longest activity within a given minute determines whether the minute will be classified as driving time or resting time. Especially in short-range distribution work, in traffic jams, or standing in line waiting for customs clearance, when the vehicle often is moved only for a few seconds and otherwise stands still for a long time, this rule can save valuable driving time for drivers. Another completely new feature is the optional VDO Counter, version DTCO 2.0a of which will be available on the aftermarket this fall. A kind of personal assistant, the VDO Counter keeps the driver constantly posted. During a trip, a glance at the DTCO display suffices to let the driver see how much driving time he still has, when the next rest period is due and how long it should be. During the driver’s break, the DTCO 2.0a shows the remaining resting time and the maximum driving time available after the rest. At another touch of the button, the driver can display all the information he needs for his current shift and –for example – see how much driving time he has for the rest of the day. The VDO Counter also provides clear information about the remaining weekly driving time. If so desired, the tachograph also shows the same information over more than one week. Further new features of the DTCO 2.0 include the optimized remote data download and the incorporation of a second, independent motion signal (IMS) to comply with the EU requirements for improved protection against tampering.

However, the DTCO is a team player and has consistently been kept open by VDO for intelligent peripheral devices: Along with the interfaces for manual data downloads, the DTCO 1381 also has an interface for fleet management systems. Through an optional telematics unit it permits real-time use of all data for fleet management applications. The latest generation of the DTCO has a great many functions that extend beyond the contents stipulated by law. For instance, besides the VDO Counter, the latest DTCO offers graphic printouts of speed profiles and status and activity logs and a distinct increase in the speed of data retrieval.

Thanks to the remote download function, mass memory and driver card data, the tachograph data can be transmitted automatically and effortlessly, either via a WLAN link or Europe-wide via a mobile telephone link. After further processing and evaluation in the context of a fleet complete managementsolution, the driver reports can be used to show the driver’s remaining legal driving time, thus facilitating the driver's planning.

Type of tachograph Digital
Voltage 12 V
State old unit

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