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Conditioners Compact Cooler 8

Conditioners Compact Cooler 8
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Conditioners Compact Cooler 8
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Compact Cooler 8 are used to maintain optimum climate in the cab and sleeping compartment of heavy trucks, buses, vans and campers salons for up to 16 people. This modification can be retrofitted valve allowing to pass to mix with the mode in which 30% of the cooling air is taken from outside. In the latter case, the air conditioner is installed high performance air intake filter.
Compact Cooler 8 can be additionally equipped with a system of ducts with a total length of 2.5 m for the distribution of cooled air around the cabin.
Conditioners Compact Cooler are resistant to mechanical and weather resistant housing made of fiberglass and steel bottom, noiseless, high-performance fans with long service life, safety valve to avoid pressure drop in the cooling circuit. There is a wide range of compressors (to be ordered, as well as installation kit separately from nakryshnogo block).


 Compact Cooler 8
TypeAir conditioner with remote compressor (to be ordered separately)
Cooling capacity max., kW8,5
Supply air volume (max., without ducting) m3/h1300
Rated voltage, V12/24
Max. power consumption, W540 at 12V
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm1025х970х197
Weight, kg40


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