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Conditioners Compact Cooler 4E

Conditioners Compact Cooler 4E
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Conditioners Compact Cooler 4E
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Constant technical improvement of air conditioners "Webasto" is aimed not only at improving their performance and reliability, but also to the steady decline in their selling price and cost of installation and maintenance - thus, for a growing number of car owners and manufacturers of installation of air conditioning is not just possible but also beneficial.
All air conditioners "Webasto" working with refrigerant R134a refrigerant is used, harmless to the ozone layer.
For vehicles that have powerful sources of electrical power, air conditioning developed Compact Cooler 4E with electric compressor, located in nakryshnom unit with evaporator and condenser. This design provides the ultimate in compactness of the device; In addition, installation is reduced to the mounting block nakryshnogo not need to lay hoses and fill the air conditioning (it comes already seasoned). But most importantly, his work does not depend directly on the operation of the vehicle engine. But conventional air conditioners can only work together with him!
Compact Cooler 4E operates only in the recirculation mode.


 Compact Cooler 4Е
TypeAir conditioning with built-in compressor and electric motor
Cooling capacity max., kW3,5
Supply air volume (max., without back pressure) m3/h550
Rated voltage, V24
Max. power consumption, W1630 at 24V
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm1100х774х215
Weight, kg55


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