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Car heater EVO 5500

Car heater EVO 5500
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Car heater EVO 5500
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AUTOMOTIVE HEATER AT EVO 5500 is used for:

  • Heating the interior, cab, cargo compartment of vans and trailers, car cargo, yachts, small buses, campers, rescue equipment and other vehicles that require quick warm-up
  • Ventilation inside vehicles, defrosting of windows in the cab and interior

The heater provides the driver with comfort and increases productivity. The minimum noise level and exhaust volume allows you to relax in peace. Warming up the car quickly before starting the engine ensures driving comfort. Heaters are relevant not only in the cold season, but also in extreme heat. They are also used as a fan, forcing air through the passenger compartment and cockpit.

AUTOMOTIVE HEATER AT EVO 5500. Main advantages and design features

AUTOMOTIVE HEATER AT EVO 5500 operates independently of the engine and is connected to the fuel tank and the vehicle electrical system. It can be used in vehicles with both air and liquid cooling of the engine.

Thanks to modern developments, the Webasto heater is known primarily as a low-noise heater. Smooth automatic power control makes it possible to avoid sudden changes in noise that can disturb the driver and passengers during rest.

Automotive heater AT EVO 5500 can significantly reduce the consumption of fuel and other consumables due to the rejection of heating at idle. This significantly reduces wear on the engine and saves on repair costs. The heater allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in the cab for a long time. This positively affects the driver's efficiency and adherence to a clear schedule.

An outdoor sensor makes it possible to visually monitor the room temperature level. If necessary, it can be smoothly regulated. The AT EVO 5500 car heater is started and turned off using a timer, into which the desired operating mode is entered.

Thanks to its high performance and low fuel consumption, the installation of the AT EVO 5500 heater quickly pays for itself. A number of heater models are presented on our website. We will be able to provide qualified advice and take care of fast and convenient delivery.

Manufacturer Germany
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