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Air City Sphere

Air City Sphere
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Air City Sphere
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Comfort in the cabin created by cooling is not only the volume as a whole and simultaneously, and a small layer of air near the ceiling in the cabin with the creation of this layer of strong airflow without incurring draft in the layer where there are people.
Furthermore, Citysphere compressor is driven not by the engine of the bus, and from an electric motor located in nakryshnom unit with a compressor, evaporator and condenser. This design provides primarily independence from the bus air conditioning performance of the engine, respectively, for use in urban driving conditions with frequent stops and traffic jams do not need a large supply of the rated air conditioning capacity, especially in countries with temperate climates, such as in Ukraine. In addition, air conditioning is extremely compact, installation is reduced to the mounting block nakryshnogo not need to lay hoses and refrigerant refill it (comes already seasoned).
The revolutionary new air distribution system also eliminates from the air ducts in the cabin lining that not only makes it easier to "bind" to a particular vehicle if it is the factory setting, but actually makes Citysphere the only air-conditioned, really suited for retrofitting buses.
Mounting dimensions are adapted to the size of the technological holes in the roof to install emergency exit hatches.
It has an electric heating unit power of 1.5 kW, it can be used in winter. Citysphere C controls allows you to control nakryshnymi Four-bedded units.
The new concept of air buses can significantly reduce energy costs go from formal selection conditioner on its cooling capacity to the choice of the basis of the conditions for the creation of comfortable conditions for passengers.

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