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Thermograph LOGICAR-E

Thermograph LOGICAR-E
Thermograph LOGICAR-E
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Thermograph Loggicar-e - two-channel recording device designed to control the temperature and humidity in the cargo compartment of the vehicle sredstva.Termograf can function with two temperature probes or one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor (eg room temperature and the temperature of the product.).

Built-in printer thermograph allows fast and multiple print temperature records to document reliable transportation conditions and in accordance with HACCP.
The recorder temperature recorder meets the requirements of the Standard PN-N 12830 and WE89 / 3EWG Directive.
Loggicar-e Thermograph provides a constant temperature of supervision regardless of the ratio were too lazy to action unit.
Specifications thermograph Loggicar-e
Number of samples for registration: 500
The number of registrations: 20
Paper width: 57mm
Print Type: termichny
Thermograph immet 2 measuring output for CLIP type probes (LGT, LGTH)
Measuring range: Temperature range: -40 ... 85 ° C, Humidity: 0 ... 100%
error range: ± 0.5, humidity: 3%
Power supply: DC 9V-24V ± 5%, 7.5W
Permissible temperature and humidity D: -10 ° C ... 50, 10 ... 80% RH
The temperature and humidity of storage thermograph -20 ° C ... 60, 10 ... 90% RH

Loggicar-e Thermograph - a high quality instrument, an irreplaceable and unique in its kind.

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