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Taximeter UNS-TAXI

Taximeter UNS-TAXI
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Taximeter UNS-TAXI is an electronic device installed in taxicabs that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time.

"UNS TAXI.01" is a measuring instrument and is included in the State Register of Ukraine (Certificate №UA-МІ / 1-1945-2006 dated 11.10.06). The taximeter complies with DSTU EN 50148-2001 “Electronic taximeters”, GOST 18426-73 “Automobile taximeters. General technical conditions ”as well as Technical requirements for electronic taximeters.

The taximeter is designed to calculate the distance traveled by the car; time measurements; calculation of parameters that characterize the mode of operation of the vehicle on the line (“TACHOMETER” mode); calculating the cost of using the services of a taxi or route taxi; saving summary data in non-volatile memory; printing receipts and reports (if a separate printer is connected to the taximeter).

Implemented in UNS TAXI.01:

- radio taxi tariff (already paid distance and / or time is programmed into the price);
- power saving function;
- printout of the paid taxi run time (with passengers);
- printout of the run time without passengers (idle run).

Access rights to various taximeter functions are protected by passwords:

- 4 personalized driver passwords;
- password for removing reports "X" and "Z";
- service password (for programming and changing tariffs; constants; etc.)

"UNS TAXI.01" allows you to generate reports for the period, which are kept in the form of an electronic journal in the ROM of the taximeter.


  • shift opening mode;
  • passenger standby mode;
  • passenger transportation mode;
  • passenger boarding mode;
  • taximeter blocking mode;
  • service functions mode.
  • tachometer mode


  • programmable tariff blocks: 8
  • digits of programmable tariffs: 6
  • number of passengers: 8
  • number of drivers: 4
  • interfaces for connecting external devices: 2xRS-232
  • number of additional services: 4
  • offline programming
  • programming via RS-232
  • overall dimensions, mm: 136х62х35
  • weight, kg: no more than 0.16


- from a PC in the programming and testing mode of the taximeter;
- with a stand for checking the taximeter (the CSO is used for service, programming tariffs and constants).
Allows you to check the taximeter as a measuring instrument (including by the state verification service for checking and standardizing measuring instruments).

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