A tachograph is a device installed in the cabin of a vehicle. The device is connected to the on-board network, speed sensor and other car systems. While driving, the bus tachograph records the start of the engine, travel time, speed and other parameters. Installing a tachograph on a bus is primarily necessary to combat overtime work of drivers. The result of labor fixation is a reduction in accidents during passenger transportation. Tachographs are installed on buses, minibuses, trucks, and cars to record the time spent in motion.

Advantages of using tachographs in buses

A tachograph is an automatic device that records all indicators related to the movement of a motor vehicle. These can be:

  • speed of transport;
  • travel distance;
  • the number of hours spent by the driver behind the wheel.

The purpose of this device is to improve road safety, as there have been more cases where irresponsible drivers decide to work overtime in order to finish the flight as quickly as possible and earn more money. With such actions, they endanger not only themselves, their vehicle and cargo (or passengers), but also all other road users.

Transport companies may decide they've hit a windfall when the Ministry of Infrastructure decides to force them to use tachographs on their buses and trucks, but wise people know that this caution will help avoid really big problems down the road. Examples of ready-made sets of minibus tachographs.

By installing a tachograph on their vehicle, drivers and company managers will be able to count on the following advantages:

  • setting the driver's schedule, his rest and work mode. Tracking and recording information in the memory device;
  • reducing risks and improving road safety;
  • useful statistical information. Thanks to tachographs, logisticians of transport companies can calculate the optimal amount of fuel used, as well as lay out more favorable transport routes;
  • the tachograph automatically calculates working hours, from which the amount of salary for the driver is derived. This will relieve accountants;
  • the tachograph monitors speed indicators and routes. In case of any deviation from the norm, it will give a signal in response, which will inform the driver about a possible violation;
  • statistical information obtained from this device will help to avoid additional legal proceedings in the event of a traffic accident.

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